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Wilcannia Central School

Years 6, 7 and 8 (25 students)

Students of Wilcannia painted and installed six 2.4m x 1m wooden panels onto the Knox and Downs General Store on the Barrier Highway, Wilcannia. The imagery has been informed by students understanding of rock art and street art. They have been guided throughout the process by leading Indigenous artist and elder Badger Bates and Australian artist, Justine Muller. Muller and Bates assisted in the creation of a culturally relevant artwork illustrating connection to country, specifically the Baaka (Darling River). The location is of great significance as it is the first thing you encounter when travelling down the Barrier Highway into Wilcannia and is considered a community landmark. Students want the audience to know what it is like to live and walk the streets in Wilcannia and to create a sense of the shared experience through the public artwork.

2019 Your Public Art Project - Wilcannia Central School

Video transcript -
2019 Your Public Art Project - Wilcannia Central School


  • painting
  • the river

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The river

Wilcannia Central School

Cleaton St, Wilcannia NSW

Drone footage

Duration: 3:23

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