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St Clair High School

Year 10 (25 students)

Inspired by past Kaldor Public Art Projects artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and land artist Andy Goldsworthy, the year 10 students of St Clair High School created a temporary, site specific work on the school grounds from recycled blue glass tiles. The lines created by the tiles have a strong geometry and have been made intuitively. Through the process of working in an organic way, repetitious and culturally significant shapes and patterns have emerged. The students chose an interesting location at the back of the school, which is safe and quiet. The artwork acts like an oasis, a retreat from the noise of the playground.

2019 Your Public Art Project - St Clair High School

Video transcript -
2019 Your Public Art Project - St Clair High School


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St Clair High School

Endeavour Ave, St Clair NSW

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