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Merrylands High School

Year 9 students

The students of Merrylands High School used innovative virtual reality technology to design a VR application to present the five student artworks of Your Public Art Project in a unified immersive experience. It applies 360 video and 3D photogrammetry models to bring to life the site-specific artworks, transporting viewers across NSW to the location of the artworks.

Four of the artworks are presented as high-resolution 3D models which allow viewers to walk around the site whilst listening to the ambient sounds from the location of the artwork. The fifth artwork presents a live event using 360 video and spatial audio to immerse the viewers into event. A virtual gallery space within the application was created to house information about each of the artworks, portals to the locations of the artworks and an instructional video to assist viewers using Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

Get the app (Microsoft Store)
(note: This app requires a set of Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset and motion controllers and either an Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC. Please refer to the application's system requirements for more information)

Your Public Art Project – An immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Video transcript -
Your Public Art Project – An immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Merrylands High School

Bristol St, Merrylands, NSW

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