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Bourke Public School

Year 5 & 6 (20 students)

The community of Bourke is invested in this project and have come together to create permanent water feature of 1m x 1m within the school's cultural garden. This is an important place for the school community to reflect and connect with others. The water feature include signs, symbols and totems, relevant to the four Aboriginal community groups that live within the Bourke region. Students and teachers of Bourke Public School have forged rich partnerships with their community through the project, including the AECG, local Indigenous elders, The Local Men's Shed and Youth Off the Streets, Bourke.

2019 Your Public Art Project - Bourke Public School

Video transcript -
2019 Your Public Art Project - Bourke Public School


  • collecting wood to carve didgeridoos
  • painting didgeridoos
  • the river

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Making didgeridoos

Painting didgeridoos

The river

Bourke Public School

Green St, Bourke NSW 2840

Drone footage

Duration: 2:33

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