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In this unit of work, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of compositional techniques used in music of the 20th century. Through performing, composing and listening activities, students will recreate their own version of Movement 3 – 'The Infernal Dance of King Kastchei' from Stravinsky’s 'The Firebird Suite' (1919). Compositional techniques taken from Stravinsky’s original work will be used as the stimulus for the composition process.

Students will solve musical problems and create music together, thereby gaining confidence musically and personally. During the workshop, small groups of students will devise elements of a composition which can be later performed as a whole.

Firebird Forensics – Music activities

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Firebird Forensics – Music activities

Program, scope and sequence

Duration: 1 Term (approx. 35 hours)

Teaching materials:

  • Score and recording of 'The Infernal Dance of King Kastchei' from 'The Firebird Ballet Suite' (1919) by Igor Stravinsky
  • Classroom instruments and/or individual students’ instruments
  • Manuscript, worksheets and assessment sheets as included in this unit of work


Students will develop skills in:

  • rhythmic security
  • harmonic/melodic sense
  • aural training
  • playing techniques
  • making artistic decisions together thereby gaining confidence and learning from one another.

Through the workshop activities students will further develop skills in performance, composition, musicology and aural.


For this assessment task, students are required to submit a composition portfolio outlining the composition process that they undertook for 'The Firebird'. Presentation of the portfolio is to be done using a digital format of your choice. The portfolio must contain written documentation in relation to the following:

  • A description and reflection of the activities undertaken for the development of your compositional skills, knowledge and abilities
  • A record of the planning involved in regards to developing the composition
  • Annotations of musical ideas both used and unused
  • Decision making processes including a record of resolutions to musical problems
  • Reflections of your own work and the work of others
  • Influences on the compositional style

Rehearsal and final performance

Firebird Forensics – Rehearsal in action

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Firebird Forensics – Rehearsal in action

Firebird Forensics performance

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Firebird Forensics performance

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