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In the lead-up to the 2019 state election, the department's website and other channels will operate in line with the caretaker conventions. This means there will be limited updates from 1 March 2019 until the election is finalised.
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Schools Spectacular

What's for you in 2019?

Schools Spectacular

SpecEd 2018

Virtual Excursion:

This stand-alone, comprehensive classroom resource is drawn from this year’s Schools Spectacular theme ‘The Greatest!’ It can be used if you are part of this year’s Schools Spectacular or not!

Explore behind the curtain of the circus, meet the greatest characters of all time and journey through the past, present and future of video games.

So roll up, roll up to SpecEd 2018 so you and your students can truly experience this year’s theme ‘The Greatest’.

This series can be accessed via the Arts Unit Learning Hub. (remember to allow flash on your web browser for this series).

Virtual excursions

Schools Spectacular

No Virtual Excursions available. Please contact The Arts Unit Digital Engagement for more information.

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