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SpecEd 2019 eResource

About this resource

Welcome to SpecEd 2019! This stand-alone, comprehensive classroom resource is drawn from this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS.

This fantastic, cross-curricular resource comprises five units of work encompassing a wide range of stages of learning and KLAs. In a crowded curriculum, this resource is simply a must! It has been structured to ensure it is easy to use, easy to apply and, most importantly, delivers those essential outcomes as suited to your students’ stage/s of learning and abilities.

Not coming to see the show or watching the broadcast this year? The beauty of this resource is that it can be used if you are part of this year’s Schools Spectacular or not!

SpecEd 2019 gives you and your students the opportunity to:

  • explore inclusion, giving and empathy
  • journey through the incredible history and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia
  • take an exciting trip though the cosmos
  • become immersed in the power of music to convey ideas and express feelings
  • follow your own 'yellow brick road' through the curriculum.

Every student is a star and collectively we shine! So, bring some SpecEd ‘celestial sparkle’ into your classroom, ensuring you and your students truly experience this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS.

Visit the Schools Spectacular website for more information on the show.

Let's hear from our creative director!

Sonja Sjolander, creative director of the 2019 Schools Spectacular, provides a brief introduction to this fantastic resource.

Video transcript -
SpecEd 2019 – Introduction to eResource
Schools Spectacular 2019 performance

Come see the show!

Performance dates
Friday 22 November: 11am & 7.30pm
Saturday 23 November: 1pm & 7pm
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Let's hear from our SpecEd teachers!

Leah Ashby

Burraneer Bay Public School

Leah shows how SpedEd brings Schools Spectacular into the classroom and how it helps teachers engage their primary students across all KLAs.

Video transcript –
Leah Ashby
Schools Spectacular 2019 SpecEd eResource - Leah Ashby testimonial

Alex Manton

Music teacher
Asquith Girls High School

Alex highlights how to navigate the resource, the ease of use and how the activities are adaptable for high school students as well.

Video transcript –
Alex Manton
Schools Spectacular 2019 SpecEd eResource - Alex Manton testimonial

Damien McCabe

Special education teacher
Kurri Kurri Public School

Damien explains how SpecEd supports the Life Skills curriculum, how it challenges students to think and how it helps every student shine like a star!

Video transcript –
Damien McCabe
Schools Spectacular 2019 SpecEd eResource - Damien McCabe testimonial

In this resource

These units of work have been created by Kaelene Neville, Principal, Murringo Public School, in consultation with The Arts Unit, to support curriculum delivery in conjunction with the 2019 Schools Spectacular. Students will take part in integrated activities from across the English, mathematics, creative arts, science, technologies, HSIE and PDHPE syllabi. The activities within a unit can be used individually, but because they flow from one to the other, are ideally taught as an entire unit.

Stage 1 – Wish upon a star

Wish upon a star is a charming way to introduce younger students to concepts such as inclusion, giving and empathy.

  • Engage your students as they experience poetry and art and create their own compositions.
  • Your class will learn about the difference between needs and wants and will put their own wishes into perspective.
  • Students will write informative and persuasive texts, choreograph their own dances and develop dramatic characters.
  • Teach your students to consider the astronomical knowledge of the First Australians as they look up into the night sky.

Come along with us and wish upon a star!

View resources – Wish upon a star

Stage 2 – 60,000 years and more

60,000 years and more is but a small journey through the incredible history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their experiences in Australia.

  • Your class will spend time immersed in the rich heritage of Australia’s traditional custodians, before tackling the often confronting issues surrounding colonisation, discrimination and reconciliation.
  • Using the picture book and opera The Rabbits, students explore the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia and the impact of this relationship on our environment.
  • The unit culminates in a celebration of how far we have come in our journey towards reconciliation, recognition of how far there is to go and the joy of rediscovering culture that has lasted 60,000 years and more!
View resources – 60,000 years and more

Stage 3 – Out of this world

Out of this world is an exciting trip through our universe, taking students on a journey that is at times factual and often fanciful.

  • Guide your students on a magical trip through the solar system to learn about the planets and stars that have kept humans intrigued for thousands of years.
  • Revel in the huge numbers that Out of this world gives us to wrap our minds around, and teach students about the astronomical knowledge of the First Australians.
  • Students will conduct experiments and graph the results, read and discuss a variety of text types,and get active playing games that ignite an interest in space.
  • Your class will spend time learning about the ways that we communicate with others, including through social media and music.
  • Students will create their own aliens on paper, and in real life, and write detailed, exciting descriptions using a variety of sentence structures.
  • You’ll consider together: What is an alien anyway?

Jump on board, start the countdown. It’s time to join us in Out of this world!

View resources – Out of this world

Life Skills Stages 4-5 – I see stars

I sees stars is an exciting look at the power of music to convey ideas and express feelings.

  • Your class will experience a wide variety of musical genres.
  • Students will expand their vocabulary, learn about respectful ways to voice their feelings and work together to create design solutions.
  • The unit will mix literacy, science, geography and numeracy tasks with creative outlets and allow students to see that we all have a place on the stage.

I see stars gives every student the chance to shine!

View resources – I see stars

K-6 – The Wizard of Oz

It’s the 80th anniversary of one of the world’s most loved films, The Wizard of Oz. In celebration, your class can follow their own ‘yellow brick road’ through the curriculum.

  • Your class will spend time analysing the story of The Wizard of Oz and most of its adaptations.
  • The students will get caught up in the tornado and learn about natural disasters, how they form, and how to be prepared.
  • They will jump over the rainbow, analysing the use of colour in visual imagery and in the Land of Oz.  
  • Students will spend time with all of the characters, exploring the virtues that they are seeking and will set goals, just like Dorothy.
  • Students will take a step into the shoes of the Wicked Witch and empathise with her experience of bullying.
  • Your class will learn about the need to all work together.

Take a journey of learning, discovery and hope as we all celebrate The Wizard of Oz.

View resources – The Wizard of Oz

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