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Stage 2 – 60,000 years and more

60,000 years and more is but a small journey through the incredible history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their experiences in Australia.

  • Your class will spend time immersed in the rich heritage of Australia’s traditional custodians, before tackling the often confronting issues surrounding colonisation, discrimination and reconciliation.
  • Using the picture book and opera The Rabbits, students explore the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia and the impact of this relationship on our environment.
  • The unit culminates in a celebration of how far we have come in our journey towards reconciliation, recognition of how far there is to go, and the joy of rediscovering culture that has lasted 60,000 years and more!

This unit of work has been created by Kaelene Neville, Principal, Murringo Public School, in consultation with The Arts Unit, to support curriculum delivery in conjunction with the Schools Spectacular 2019.

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Unit content

Program scope and sequence

Duration: 5 weeks (approximately 25 hours)

In this unit of work, students will take part in integrated activities from across the English, mathematics, creative arts, science, technologies, HSIE and PDHPE syllabi. The activities can be used individually, but because they flow from one to the other, 60,000 years and more is ideally taught as an entire unit.

The unit culminates by attending the Friday matinee performance of Schools Spectacular 2019. We recommend organising an excursion to see the show if possible. However, the unit can be taught without doing this and classes could watch the televised show when it becomes available.

Teaching materials

  • Worksheets included as attachments to this unit of work
  • YouTube videos and websites as referenced in the teaching and learning activities

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