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SpecEd 2018 eResource

About this resource

Welcome to SpecEd 2018! This stand-alone, comprehensive classroom resource is drawn from this year’s Schools Spectacular theme ‘The Greatest!’ Not coming to see the show or watching the broadcast this year? The beauty of this resource is that it can be used if you are part of this year’s Schools Spectacular or not!

Explore behind the curtain of the circus, meet the greatest characters of all time and journey through the past, present and future of video games.

Watch our very special virtual excursion – Join the circus to meet this year's circus performers.

So roll up, roll up to SpecEd 2018 so you and your students can truly experience this year’s theme ‘The Greatest’.

Visit the Schools Spectacular website for more information about the show.

Let's hear from our creative director!

Sonja Sjolander, creative director of the 2018 Schools Spectacular, provides a brief introduction to this fantastic resource.

Video transcript -
SpecEd 2018 – Introduction to eResource

In this resource

These units of work have been created by Kaelene Neville, Principal, Murringo Public School, in consultation with The Arts Unit, to support curriculum delivery in conjunction with the 2018 Schools Spectacular. Students will take part in integrated activities from across the English, mathematics, creative arts, science and technology, geography, history and PDHPE syllabi. The activities within a unit can be taught individually but, as they flow from one to the other, are ideally taught as one entire unit.

Stages of learning

Although these units can be taught to students from all stages of learning, for primary school students our recommendations have been provided in brackets after the name of the unit. For example, Unit 1 is recommended for students in Stage 1.

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Unit 1 – The greatest stories (Stage 1)

Come and meet the greatest characters of all time!

‘The greatest stories’ is a study of character through some of the most memorable stories ever created for children. Students will enjoy learning about internationally renowned characters such as Winnie the Pooh, The Cat In The Hat, Peter Rabbit, Woody and Buzz and the Toy Story crew, before focussing on Australian characters such as Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, the ‘green sheep’ and the indigenous Mimis from Dreamtime stories.

Students will learn what makes a good narrative character, how we learn from their stories and why, if we work together, we can achieve great things.

View resources – The greatest stories

Unit 2 – Under the big top (Stage 2)

Welcome to the circus

'Under the big top' is an exploration of all things diverse, exciting, thought-provoking and sometimes confronting. Take your students on a magical trip through time to learn more about P. T. Barnum’s original circus and how the circus has evolved over time.

Practise traditional circus skills or explore the use of music and contemporary dance in modern circus shows.

Take a trip through a hall of mirrors and explore poetic techniques to paint pictures in our minds

Recognise that being different is actually a fabulous way to be, with everyone known, valued and cared for.

View resources – Under the big top

Unit 3 – Game on! (Stage 3)

Good game! Thanks for playing!

‘Game on!’ is a journey through the past, present and future of video games, from the golden age of arcade games – Pac-Man, Tetris, pinball and Pokémon – and ponder: Where we are headed next?

Examine the phenomenon that is video game card trading and create a class set of trading cards filled with descriptive language and detailed images.

Immerse your students in the genre of video game music and draw comparisons with classical pieces.

Debate the relevance of video game classifications and deconstruct video game addiction.

Investigate real world applications for video games.

View resources – Game on!

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