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Unit 3 – Game on! 

Good game! Thanks for playing!

‘Game on!’ is a journey through the past, present and future of video games – one of the most inherently interesting topics for our young students.

  • Investigate some of the classic games from the golden age of arcade games – Pac-Man, Tetris, pinball and Pokémon.
  • Examine the phenomenon that is video game card trading and create a class set of trading cards filled with descriptive language and detailed images.
  • Spend time immersed in the genre of video game music and draw comparisons with classical pieces.
  • Debate the relevance of video game classifications and deconstruct video game addiction.
  • Investigate real world applications for video games; ponder where we are headed next.
  • Watch your students tie their knowledge together to create their own game design and present a proposal to the class.

This unit of work has been created by Kaelene Neville, Principal, Murringo Public School, in consultation with The Arts Unit, to support curriculum delivery in conjunction with the 2018 Schools Spectacular.

For primary school students, this unit is recommended for students in Stage 3.

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Unit content

Program scope and sequence

Duration: 4 weeks (approximately 18 hours)

In this unit of work, students will take part in integrated activities from across the English, mathematics, creative arts, science and technology, and PDHPE syllabi.

They will take part in three assessment tasks, reflecting the theme and the skills being covered in the unit. The activities can be taught individually but, as they flow from one to the other, are ideally taught as one entire unit.

Teaching materials

  • Worksheets and assessment tasks as included in this unit of work.
  • Various YouTube clips and websites are used throughout the unit and referenced in the teaching and learning activities.

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