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Students will present a collaborative dance work devised through problem-solving tasks and manipulation of the elements of dance. They will explore, devise, select, refine and structure movement in response to 'The Infernal Dance of King Kastchei' from 'The Firebird Suite' by Stravinsky.                                                                            

The students were required to utilise choreographic tools as a foundation of their dance work. These tools are the basis from which the communication of a concept or intenttion; they include:

  • sequence
  • transition
  • repetition
  • variation
  • contrast

The students were also required to analyse the work, their processes, and consider the socio-historical context of Stravinsky and his original composition.

Adelaide Eastley introduction to dance

Video transcript -
Adelaide Eastley introduction to dance

Program, scope and sequence

Duration: 10 weeks (2 x 60 minutes lessons per week)

Teaching materials:

  • worksheets,
  • recording of 'The Infernal Dance of King Kastchei' from 'The Firebird Suite' (1919) by Igor Stravinsky,
  • acrylic paint, brushes and other drawing mediums


The students will be assessed on evidence of their abilities to:

  • explore the elements of dance as the basis to communicate ideas
  • compose and structure movement that communicates an idea
  • describe and analyse dance as the communication of ideas within a context
  • identify and analyse the link between your performance and dance works of art
  • demonstrate enhanced dance technique by manipulating the elements of dance
  • demonstrate an understanding and application of aspects of performance quality and interpretation through performance.

Rehearsal and final performance

Rehearsal in action

Video transcript -
Rehearsal in action

Firebird Forensics performance

Video transcript -
Firebird Forensics performance

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