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Beyond the Box

A collaborative choreographic project 2020

Inspired by the poem 'To Express a Feeling' by Jacqueline Suskin, The NSW Public Schools Dance Ensemble 2020 created a dance work about expanding one's imagination. Students in Years 4-12 collaborated remotely with dance ensemble tutor and choreographer, Lexy Panetta to produce the two films presented here.


Susan Rix
Dance Performance Officer

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Screenshot of the virtual class, where 13 students are performing a dance with the choreographer.

The work

Based on contemporary dance sequences designed by choreographer Lexy Panetta, students explored contrasts of confinement, looking to the horizon and expanding ideas from within. Improvisational movement tasks were selected, repeated and taught to the members of the group virtually, then recorded and collated to produce the two films.

This has been fantastic journey of connection. A way for us to respond creatively to the year 2020.

Beyond the Box

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