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Augmentation: repetition of a phrase with longer / slower rhythms
Choreography: movement and dance
Diminution: repetition of a phrase with shorter / faster rhythms
Unison: – instruments and/or voices singing the same pitches and rhythm simultaneously
Vocalise: – singing syllables (other than lyrics) to music

Dengaku okedo: type of drum
Eitetsu Okedo: type of drum
Fue: bamboo flute
Ji-uchi: base rhythm
Kabuki: type of theatre
Kanji: Japanese written characters
Katsugi okedo: type of drum
Kimono: Japanese traditional dress
Koto: Japanese stringed instrument
Kuchi shoga: rhythms and melodies used for teaching music in the aural tradition
Min yo: Japanese folk songs
Miyadaiko: type of drum
Nagadō: type of drum
Noh: type of Japanese theatre
Nohkan:  bamboo flute
Odori: traditional dance
Okedo: type of drum
Onikenbai: a dance
Onna-uchi: women’s side-on style of taiko playing
Shakuhachi: Japanese flute
Shimedaiko: type of drum
Shitabyoshi: base rhythm
Tanka: Japanese poetry
Taiko: Japanese word for drum
Tsukeshimedaiko: type of drum
Yabusama: archery on horseback
Yokouchi: a style of taiko playing that includes figure of eight movements
Wadaiko: Japanese drumming

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